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Burt Jurgens
Phone: (877) 759-9904
Senior Software Engineer, Independent Researcher, Writer, Publisher, Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist, Coach, Musician and Audio Engineer.
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Software Engineer
Self-taught computer programmer starting at age 11 (1979) with first generation of home PCs, soon after programmed famous "Life" graphical animation algorithm on Apple's early 6502 8-bit processor in assembly language. 

Pioneered use of 3-D modeling and computer animation in crime and crash scene reconstruction by law enforcement agencies, introducing first 3-D computer animation used as evidence in a criminal trial establishing case law of acceptability of computer animation to illustrate witness testimony and analysis of physical evidence.

Invented genetic algorithm approach to analyzing 2-vehicle collisions by solving conservation of linear momentum equations to establish independent vehicle speeds at impact based on physical evidence and post-impact speed loss estimates based on defensible ranges yielding rock-solid conclusions vs. arbitrarily estimated single values which cannot be adequately defended against when cross-examined by a credible expert.

Replaced a development team to independently produce the Telemedicine Information Exchange online bibliographic database and web site including all backend systems and custom data entry tools on a multi-year, multimillion dollar National Library of Medicine / National Institute of Health contract.

Worked as a contract software engineer representing clients such as HP, Turner Broadcasting, and a well-known desktop publishing brand.

Worked for a Fortune 500 company as a Senior Software Engineer developing iOS software used by millions of users daily.

Writer / Author / Publisher

Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist
Wishing Well Hypnosis


Chiron Piano Music: Preview album Articulation (password: "peaceandlove")

Audio Engineer
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Independent Research

Other Biographical Info
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